Sleep Apnea: Lose fat. Sleep better.

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The most common cause of sleep apnea: excess weight and obesity.(1)

Sleep apnea occurs when people stop breathing for 10 seconds or more. This causes people to wake up throughout the night.

Sleep apnea diminishes restfulness of sleep. Which means tiredness throughout the day. And lower quality work. Lower quality relationships. Even depression.

Losing excess fat is a matter of getting rid of junk. Junk food. Junk sleep.

Once your body gets used to eating healthily, you won’t feel like eating junk. And you will look healthy. And feel healthy. Your sleep will be quality. Not junk.

If you want quality sleep, eat quality. And make your body quality. Your muscles toned. Exercise consistently.

Short-term solutions won’t work. If you want quality sleep long-term, that is. Short-term solutions to avoid: fad diets and torturous exercise.

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