So many fakes, plastic, surgically altered “fitness gurus”  #fakebody

We are noticing more and more self-proclaimed fitness gurus out there trying to sell their fitness methods. Some unfortunately are good pitch men and women and have been able to trick people into believing their stories.

Perhaps, this trend was started by the folks at Beachbody. They have proven that cheating is easy, and they have gotten very rich in the process. NONE of the Beachbody personalities got fit using the programs they promote. NONE has a degree or formal education in fitness, nutrition or anything related. Some are high-school dropouts.

Beachbody, from female fitness gurus like Autumn Calabrese (@autumncalabrese) that has breast implants and several liposuctions to Tony Horton (@tonyshorton) (P90), Sagi Kalev (@sagithebeast) (Body Beast) and other heavy performance enhancing drugs (steroid) users.

We also learned that Autumn Calabrese is Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler‘s lover. That may explain her rapid raise to fame.

Tony Horton recently became extremely ill with a sickness that only very old people, people with HIV or heavy steroid users have. 

We see people in Instagram with a lot of followers posing in hundreds of pictures enticing followers to pay them for their workout programs.

Well, buyers beware. We are starting the hashtag #fakebody to track “fitness gurus” with fake, unnatural, plastically altered bodies and/or steroid users.