This is a program that could be hard to review, because Kayla keeps changing the workouts. It appears to me that she is experimenting as she goes. That is explained by the fact that Kayla Itsines has no formal training or education. It looks like she dropped out of high school. The Sweat program has become very popular thanks to massive amounts of advertising and PR.

A dangerous program based on jumping and more jumping

So, this is an unproven program created by an uneducated, high school dropout.

The app is attractive, her marketing is attractive but that does not cover the fact that it is a get-fit-quick-scheme.

The exercises are jumping, more jumping and different kinds of jumping. I guess you can do this when you are 20 years old and have no plans to have children (for women). High intensity workouts are unproven and dangerous. Cause back injuries and joint problems.

Kayla recommends you do a few bursts of exercises such as mountain climbers and squats. Some of the most simple and basic exercise. Nothing unique or smart here. Again, no formal or should I say, no education here.

Most of those following Kayla’s recommendations probably couldn’t even run a 5k or cycle 20. I’d also be strongly surprised if Kayla has any true fitness. There’s plenty of good Youtube videos showing Kayla attempting to perform her workouts- makes for humorous watching!


Bikini Body, Sweat, Kayla Itsines.  Different name for the same get-fit-quick-scheeme