• Low-carb diets are a popular resolution for 2019; the keto diet is one extreme form of this approach.
  • But several studies suggest that people who eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates live longer than people on low-carb or high-carb diets.
  • Overall, researchers are discovering that people who eat more plant-based foods of all kinds —including whole grains, starchy vegetables, and squash — have some of the best health outcomes.
  • Some of the healthiest carbs for your body and brain are foods high in fiber.

Limiting carbs might be an effective short-term weight-loss strategy, but scientists are discovering it’s perhaps not the best meal plan for a long life. 

That’s because not all carbs are created equal, and often people who forgo carbs replace them with more animal proteins. Too much of those can lead to kidney trouble and increase inflammation levels in the body. 

Carbohydrates are our bodies’ preferred fuel source, and though eating one type of carb — sugar — can expand your waistline, that’s not true of other sources of carbohydrateslike starches and fiber. Our bodies actually can’t absorb dietary fiber at all, so those carbohydrates help us better digest food, keeping bellies satisfied while protecting the body from disease

Rigorous scientific studies are increasingly showing us that people who eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, and peas while avoiding processed foods are more likely to live longer, cancer-free lives. A diet rich in whole foods such as plants can’t be super low-carb, but it can be filled with good carbs.

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