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Platefit “dangerous scam”

The scam involves exercising while standing on a shaking plate that could be shaking at a very high rate. NOTHING natural about that. NONE of their trainers, including the owners got fit using this harmful system. All instructor were in good shape before they got hired into this scam.

Body Beast

Body Beast by Sagi Kalev This is our review of another Beachbody program. Body Beast promises to “burn fat get completely ripped in just 12 short weeks”. Well, let’s just start by analyzing this statement. NOBODY can get ripped like the program’s creator or the testimonials they show in their advertisement in 12 weeks. Perhaps […]

Sweat – Kayla Itsines

This is a program that could be hard to review, because Kayla keeps changing the workouts. It appears to me that she is experimenting as she goes. That is explained by the fact that Kayla Itsines has no formal training or education. It looks like she dropped out of high school. The Sweat program has […]

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