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Platefit “dangerous scam”

The scam involves exercising while standing on a shaking plate that could be shaking at a very high rate. NOTHING natural about that. NONE of their trainers, including the owners got fit using this harmful system. All instructor were in good shape before they got hired into this scam.

Body Coach – Joe Wicks

This review was probably one of the easiest ones we have done. Frankly, we could not handle the guy, he is annoying.  As far as his program, there is no magic to this program. A bunch of meals weird, hard to prepare meals and routine and pedestrian exercise routines. Nothing out of the ordinary. Buy […]

Sweat – Kayla Itsines

This is a program that could be hard to review, because Kayla keeps changing the workouts. It appears to me that she is experimenting as she goes. That is explained by the fact that Kayla Itsines has no formal training or education. It looks like she dropped out of high school. The Sweat program has […]

21 Day Fix

OK, this is one of those get-fit-quick schemes. Designed by Autumn Calabrese, a personal trainer with no formal fitness training or education. A trainer that looks great because of plastic surgeries (breast augmentation). We also know that Calabrese did not get fit by doing this program. She has been working out 4-5 hours per day […]


We have to give credit to Tony Horton and Beach Body for releasing this program. It changed the home workout market for good. We transitioned from the aerobics morning TV shows and the weirdos like Richard Simmons to a more normal program. P90X was the second version of the Power 90 program. It promised unrealistic, […]

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